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Chef David – Elizabeth Street’s upmarket eatery specialising in authentic Sichuan Cuisine will have your tastebuds tingling for more!

Chef David 大味江湖 – Wine Bar, Grilled Fish, Smoke BBQ, Asia Restaurant Melbourne

We’re so excited to share, Chef David the upmarket eatery has reopened, not as a hotpot restaurant, but specialising in authentic Sichuan Cuisine.

The decision to shift from swirly and spicy hot pot to barbecue grill came about during Melbourne’s intense stage 4 lockdown in 2020, as soupy broth was difficult to transport.

The new menu focuses on grilled seafood and fiery flavours of Chengdu which are famous for the very fiery Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan flavours and cooking styles are most popular in the South West of China and bring flavours of the spicy Sichuan peppercorn, which tingles the tastebuds and is known for a numbing sensation.

Chef David will have you dining in the most luxurious surroundings showcasing their new multi-million-dollar interiors, which include strobe lights and an iPad ordering system. The 160-seater also offers diners more than 100 ingredients on offer to cook in your choice of eight different soups (including David’s signature Sichuan beef-fat broth).

“Before the sun goes down, Chef David on Elizabeth Street in the city is already an impressive place. Natural light spills through the floor-to-ceiling windows and shines off patent-leather seats, stainless-steel honeycombed tiles, polished concrete walls, and brass finishes.

But after sunset, new life is breathed into the mammoth 160-seater space – neon signs glow, strobe lights swirl in patterns across every surface, chill jazz music is replaced by pop hits, and TV screens light up with music videos.

It’s a far cry from the classic red-and-gold colour scheme, dragon murals, and hanging paper lanterns of sibling restaurant David’s Hotpot, just a few blocks south. But that’s how owner Liam Zhou wanted it.”

If you’re looking for a traditional Chinese Sichuan experience, you must try the grilled barramundi!

Served in an electric frypan, you grill the fish (and your favourite veg!) at your very own table – how cool?! For the most daring of diners, you can take your pick of skewers – think pig intestines, beef trachea, and duck gizzard skewers!

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Chef David Asian Fusion Restaurant

Chef David

If anyone knows authentic Sichuan cuisine, it’s Chef David Li. Chef David has been experimenting with Sichuan flavours since he was 14 years old. Now the executive chef at his titular restaurant, he creates recipes and trains the talented chefs in the kitchen.

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