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Chef David

Chef David,  Melbourne Modern Asian Fusion Restaurant, one of the best Sichuan fusion restaurants Melbourne, offers beef skewer, Peking duck, Bar and Grill in Melbourne CBD


Chef David
Level 1, 462 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
03 8797 2666

Szechuan Spicy Grilled Barramundi
Lamb Skewers
Pork Skewers
Green Bean Skewers
Grilled Enoki Mushroom
The Good
We were immediately impressed by the Szechuan Spicy Grilled Barramundi. Weighing in at a whole kilogram, the giant heated grill filled with a fiery red was presented at our table. Within, the crumbed barramundi stood front and centre, surrounding by the delicious yet rather chilli Szechuan sauce and spice that’s made Szechuan food so famous. With a good depth in flavour and packing plenty of heat, the sauce perfectly accompanied by the fresh, tender protein of the barramundi. Alongside sat plenty of potatoes and cucumber, all cooked to a comforting and pillowy softness that juxtaposed the slight crispness of the battered fish. Of course, with all the bold flavours, some plain steamed rice is most definitely the recommended pairing.

We also enjoyed the Grilled Skewers. With a huge variety on offer from traditional meaty options like Lamb and Beef, more exotic cuts like tripe and kidney, as well as plenty of vegetarian options, we were quite literally spoilt for choice.

The Lamb Skewers were definitely a favourite. Nicely marinated and delectably tender, the juicy protein carried plenty of lamb goodness and beautifully seasoned with a cumin spice that took after Mongolian influences.

Not to be missed were the Green Beans. The wilted beans offered a slight crunch and a burst of juiciness, all generously seasoned with plenty of spices and offered a touch of heat.

Meanwhile, the Grilled Enoki Mushroom was a must-try. Served in a cast iron skillet, the enoki mushrooms offered an amazing aroma and the beautiful mushroom fragrance was absolutely irresistible. Grilled to perfection, the juicy mushrooms were full of flavour and offered plenty of mouth-feel, with an almost meaty sensation.

The Mediocre

The Bad

The Verdict
While it’s not our first time trying Szechuan cuisine, it is most definitely our first foray into Szechuan BBQ.

Chef David artfully combines traditional Szechuan flavours and dishes with a modern and refined execution. We were no doubt impressed, thanks to the unapologetically bold flavours, fresh and quality produce, all at generous portion sizes that are bound to satisfy.

Tucked away upstairs in the CBD, the trendy venue serves up irresistbile food paired with a diverse drinks list. Chef David is simply a must for anyone who likes to spice up their dinner!

Would Penguin Eat Again?
Most definitely!

Penguineats would like to thank Chef David for inviting us.

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Chef David Asian Fusion Restaurant

Chef David

If anyone knows authentic Sichuan cuisine, it’s Chef David Li. Chef David has been experimenting with Sichuan flavours since he was 14 years old. Now the executive chef at his titular restaurant, he creates recipes and trains the talented chefs in the kitchen.

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